Second Life Login Failed

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Second Life Login Failed

Posted by Bresette Aleron on Sunday, 9 February, 2020 01:33:15

second life login failure? when i try to log into second life with my account, i am told "login failure, we are unable to complete your request at this time" and it tells me to go to support, blah blah blah, but thats not much help, whats wrong?

If you have *never* installed Second Life before and you install it as a non-admin Windows user, it will now install to your local user directory. SL-10146 The SLVersionChecker doesn't start background download of update if last login failed SL-10147 [Bugsplat]

I dont know why but I cant log into my account on the viewer but I can on the website and My Second Life, Im scared for my life now cause whenever I go to the viewer it takes forever to load then it says Login Failed And idk what this means is this a permanent ban I got like IP ban or is it a ban

Second Life Service Status Second Life Offline for Database Maintenance or Update In our continuing effort to improve your Second Life experience, we have taken Second Life temporarily offline for maintenance. This may also effect portions of our website.

It will not let me to log in at all, it keeps saying login failed and says that my time and date is incorrect, but im sure that my time and date is correct. I made another account and it said the same thing. I tried to restart my PC but it still does the same thing, ive even reset my internet. I

The Second Life 1.9 update made major infrastructure changes to how your login session is maintained on our servers. Occasionally, the server that handled your last login session may take a few minutes to recognize that you have logged out.