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Jetnet Retiree Login

Posted by Brassard Adrianna on Sunday, 16 February, 2020 10:49:31

eManager automatically sends messages and reminders of employee birthdays, anniversaries, and notifies you when another manager or supervisor has reassigned an agent currently assigned to your list.. When you login to eManager, the Active Messages are displayed on the eManager main page as displayed below:

AA retirees can easily check out the AA Flight Services online through the American Airlines website AA retirees are also entitled to a vast range of benefits and privileges, such as offline ticket requests. The offline ticket facility is specific for the AA retirees residing more

Welcome to JETNET Evolution Market Intelligence for the Aviation Industry. Evolution is a subscription service for authorized users only. Unauthorized use of this service may result in both financial and legal actions.

Access to Jetnet is limited to active employees of American Airlines. Envoy active employees should visit Piedmont active employees should visit PSA active employees should visit American Airlines and US Airways retirees should visit

First Time User Registration - Employees & Contractors 3 4. Fill in your User ID (located on the email forwarded to you by your Manager) and click Submit. Figure 1-3 Fill in the AA User ID. 5. Confirm the identity associated with the User ID and click Confirm. Figure 1-4 Verify the owner of the account.

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