Docker Windows Download Without Login

Docker faces public outcry as Docker for Mac and Windows

Docker Windows Download Without Login

Posted by Bouthillier Abel on Friday, 28 February, 2020 11:15:22

So let's take the example in question, Docker moving downloads of their software behind a login. Without attempting to guess at their motivations it seems clear that this is a very inconvenient thing to do for end users. As someone has pointed out, the steps to download the software are nearly doubled, and there are fears of getting corporate spam.

To get around this, Docker allow users to create both Linux and windows container on the same windows machine without having to switch between OS platforms. To achieve this, Docker provides a Linux VM for Hyper-V called MobyLinuxVM as a part of installation process.

I ran into the same problem when installing Docker Desktop on my Windows 10 Pro laptop after that I had removed Hyper-V from it. Will remove Hyper-V again and try the script to install Docker-EE in coming weeks.

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